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Everyone Deserves to Elevate

Our Mission & Vision

Evergreen Empowerment is committed to assisting adults grow beyond their emotions and feelings and elevate their perspectives. It is our mission to assist parents in discovering a positive and harmonious parenting relationship to ensure they and their kids thrive.

Evergreen Empowerment is committed to assisting people with "neurospicy" brains manage the world around them and find coping skills that help them thrive in a world not designed for them. Our mission is to help "neurospicy" individuals find there place and embrace their uniqueness so they can shine brightly.

We are a trauma informed practice and recognize that life happens no matter your race, religion, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status. We empower all walks of life and are committed to guiding diverse communities through creating a life where everyone thrives.

We are no more bullying, no more divorce, no more suicides and no more feeling unwanted or unloved in our lifetime. We are committed to a world that works for everyone, so that everyone has the experience that they belong. It's the greatest gift we can give ourselves, our children and the people that read our books. 

About Me

I know, first-hand, how divorce can have a devastating effect on all involved, having been impacted by three divorces during my childhood, and then seeing my own children suffer when my own marriages crumbled.

Rising from the ashes of my trauma, I created Evergreen Empowerment, centered around assisting parents in creating the life they want before, during and post divorce and assisting "neurospicy" people in becoming who they need to be to get that book published.

I am in final revisions of my self-help book, Confessions of a Chaos Groupie: From doormat to POWERHOUSE, about my journey of self discovery through divorce. I am all about changing the conversations of co-parenting, from harmful to healing, cooperation, and creating families that work for everyone.

I grew up being told that I had an overactive imagination. Then I found Calliope Writing Coach, where I learned that my imagination is my genius. I am the former Assistant Program Director over everything Calliope has its hands in.

I assist writers in navigating the emotions, trauma, and everything else that comes up as a result of filleting oneself open to write a book. I assist them in becoming the person that finishes that book and gets published. 


I am an international speaker, and as a suicide survivor and suicide prevention advocate, I contributed to Rise Above Depression by Jodi Orgill Brown.


I now live happily with my three fierce and independent daughters, my 6 amazing bonus kiddos, my partner in all things and I have healthy, cooperative co-parenting relationships with my two ex-husbands and am pursuing my LCSW. 

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