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Evergreen Empowerment

Change your Thoughts, Break your Cycles

Coaching for all things divorce, coparenting, step-parenting and Neurodivergence (ADHD, Autism, and more).


Where dreams are the blueprint of creating a life that works for everyone involved. 

Why Evergreen?

... your soul can never grow old, it's evergreen."  - Thinking Out Loud, By Ed Sheeran

Evergreens are known for losing their needles slowly and for staying green through more than one growing season. Evergreens also contribute to their own survival. Their needles contribute to making the soil more suitable after they fall. 

I have always been in love with evergreen trees. I get super excited when they're covered in a blanket of snow every winter. To me evergreens are sturdy and always there. Through all the elements they stay standing. Even when a fire ravages a forest they return. They're the phoenixes of the plant world. From the ashes they rise; in fact, they need fire in order to flourish. 

Evergreens are my spirit plants. In spite of all the storms, droughts and climate changes I'm still standing. I've lost myself along the way and it took some mentoring, soul searching and grit to rediscover my voice and power. Like the evergreens after a forest fire, I rise again. 



Evergreen Empowerment:

Co-Parenting and Divorce 

Divorce isn't easy and can stir up trauma, and insecurites. Evergreen Empowerment stands for all families thriving no matter the circumstances.

Author information 

Who better to talk about experiences than someone that's been through it!

Evergreen Empowerment:

Being neurodivergent or "neurospicy" as I like to say is how the world evolves. It can be hard to navigate at times.


Sometimes all you need are resources to find your way

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