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Evergreen Empowerment for Writers 

Where Writers Build Character

You decided to write a book and now EVERYTHING is getting in the way

Whether you're writing Non-Fiction or Fiction, writing a book is a very vulnerable experience. Every writer puts their hearts and souls into their writing. In the process, our brains try and keep us safe and inside our comfort zones and try to distract us with life to try and stop us. ALL because we might get a "no" or get rejected. 

The best part.... YOU'RE NOT ALONE! Evergreen Empowerment is here to assist you in becoming the person you need to be in order to get published and become a best selling author.*

Join our 6-week course on overcoming the obstacles that get in the way! Only $197

What is included in the 6-week interactive group coaching course:

  • Pit falls that creep up on writers:

  • Imposter Syndrome

    • What is it?

    • How to combat when it's in full swing?

    • Finding your uniqueness

  • Disempowerment

    • "When are you going to get a real job?"

    • Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda

  • Squirrely Brain

    • What about the dirty floorboards?

    • I'm binge watching "The Office"

    • Tips on staying focused

  • 6-weekly Zoom Session

  • 1 Private 50 Minute Session

Thursday Feb 2nd
6p MST


  • Access to a Private FaceBook Group 

Only $197

Private Empowerment Coaching

Need a more personal approach? 

Private coaching is available to assist you in a more personal and vulnerable way. Here's what is included in Private Coaching*:

  • 50- minute weekly zoom calls

  • Deep dive into what is stopping you from writing

  • Address your personal pitfalls

  • Design a plan to keep you empowered

  • Tackle any writers block when it comes up

  • And more! 


Randi isn't the kind of person you call when you're at your lowest; Randi is the kind of person who calls you when she sees you heading there and catches you mid-fall. Randi helped me through one of the lowest moments of my life, with a warm smile, a helping hand, and some much-needed fingernail clippers!

- Burke/Writer

"Randi is patient, kind, and wise. Her ability to help you drill down to what's really going on is amazing, and helps you find the truth. Never judgmental, always helpful, and never misses a beat. Randi's got your back."

- Kathleen/Writer

From the moment that I started working with Randi, she has been a phenomenal support. After clearing with Randi, I was able to complete my second revision for my book and stayed empowered enough to pitch my books to 6 more agents (all who requested my full manuscript). What a powerhouse! Highly recommend!

- Sammie/Writer

*DISCLAIMER: Inside of Evergreen Empowerment, I am a coach, not a therapist. If you require a deeper dive into trauma, seek a mental health professional. 

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